User Experience

Our group of researchers, strategists, designers and technologists work at the intersection of design, social sciences and business to help companies capture and drive market share. We focus on improving people’s lives through a User-Centered Design process with a strong emphasis on user research, information architecture, ideation, interaction design, accessibility and rapid prototyping.
User Research & Analysis
We help you discover what matters most to your customers and end-users.  Our people-focused research results in a deep understanding of your end-user market segments.  We build empathy through ethnographic discovery, contextual and in-depth interviews, shadowing, online surveys, customer diaries, experience mapping, personas, focus groups, surveys and user testing.
Interaction & Visual Design
We make your customers fall in love with your product by way of usable, useful and delightful designs.  Our team of product, interaction, communication and visual designers are seasoned experts who know how to take an opportunity and make it into something tangible and real that your customers will connect with on an emotional, personal and ‘can’t live without’ experience.  We do this by conducting extensive competitive analysis, analysis of complex user requirements and legacy product workflows, contextual mapping of research insights into wireframes to achieve desired user behaviors.  Our communication designers ensure that the user interface’s messaging, structure, layout, content and navigation are properly being represented for the end-users and development teams.
Accessibility Design
Not only are our designers aware of designing for accessibility, ATEA partners with seasoned experts who are certified industry-leaders in accessibility design.  We can help ensure that our designs and your product is ADA, Section 508, or WCAG 2.0 compliant by running an accessibility audit on your website, product, document or mobile application.  We can conduct UAT accessibility testing and usability testing with people with disabilities in the areas of low-vision, blindness and mobility impairment, among others.
Information Architecture
We help organize all those brilliant research insights into useful, findable, and navigable information streams.  A good IA ensures that your users are getting the right information, at the right time, and at the right place.  We do this through task analysis, storyboarding, workflow modeling, card sorting and site maps.
Rapid Prototyping
We help realize those wireframes, sketches and ideas into proof of concepts that you can use straight away whether it be for user validation and testing, marketing pitches, executive presentations or as a hand-off to your frontend and backend development teams.  We can create paper, click-through PDFs or HTML/CSS prototypes for web, mobile, and enterprise applications.

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