We love what we do

Here at ATEA, we love our work and are passionate about designing the most useful and delightful experiences for your end-users, whether it be on a mobile device or a stand alone desktop application. We love the opportunity to conduct in-depth research and make sense of the fuzzy front end of things. We also love going from that fuzzy-nothing to something concrete in as little as a week to as long as a 2 year, on-going research, design and implementation project. In short, we love what we do.

We are User Experience Research, Design and Technology Experts

ATEA’s leadership has a combined 70+ years of experience working in the user experience research and design, cloud computing and technology development space. Our team has worked with large enterprises as well as small startups with as little as two employees. We have a broad range of expertise in user research, synthesis, ideation, facilitation, design, and implementation. Our user-centered design approach comes first and is a part-and-parcel of our agile UX-Development technology development process. This ensures that we understand your customers and that their needs and goals feed into the delivery of the right solutions, at the right time, at the right place, with a dash of delight.


We are personable and we take time to listen

We enjoy being a part of your team as we journey together to understand and design solutions that make the world a better place.  We work closely with our client teams and educate yourselves on your needs before we share our approach. We don’t just come in and throw a bunch of terms around; we listen, we empathize, we collaborate.


We come from a diverse background and we know our markets well

ATEA’s leaders come from a diverse background. We understand our markets really well because we are used to picking up on and discovering customer nuances, cliches, and unspoken needs. We can speak the language and immerse ourselves into ethnographic situations since we can blend into any environment seamlessly. Our team is fluent in English, Spanish, Hindi and Telugu as well.



We can take you from Insight to Implementation

Not only can ATEA’s team make sense of the fuzzy-front-end to help you discover business opportunities, reframe problems spaces and create informed market segmentation; we can then go from research to ideation to design to implementation in an agile, rapid development approach as well. We can move you from strategy to solutions that is informed by extensive user validation.


We provide cost effective solutions

We understand that a user-centered design approach is one of several objectives that compete with your budget and development resources.  Keeping user research, user testing, and design best-practices in mind, we prioritize with you on KPIs necessary to achieve the Minimal Viable Product (MVP). Throughout the lifecycle of our contract, we ensure that things remain flexible.  We can scope and descope work and estimate effort necessary as we learn more about your end-users and their specific needs…that’s the essence and nature of having a user-centered design approach to your technology solutions.


We are data driven

ATEA’s user-centered design process is heavily metrics driven. We believe insights, discovery, ideation and creation can be measured. We use sophisticated eye-tracking and cognitive modeling technologies to present our data in an easy-to-understand dashboard that can help you make sense of satisfaction scores, A/B testing, user testing, error rates, time on task, motivation, Google analytics, user retention, page views, etc. We do this by recording interactions with users, gather user quotes and satisfaction metrics, track everything and store in our UX repository.


We love solving complex problems

ATEA’s leadership and team have worked in healthcare providing user experience research and design expertise anywhere from identifying breakdowns with hospital layouts and architecture to understanding and designing for complex electronic medical records and patient portals. We have worked on online learning management systems with 6 million K-12 public school district educators and administrators to designing a mobile app. for kids in K-3 learning science and math. We have experience working in emerging markets, creating new value for our clients by looking at the mother and child’s relationship in countries like India and Kenya. 


We share our knowledge

ATEA’s leadership has always maintained that sharing knowledge is the best way to helps us learn and grow. We believe in sharing what we know and in turn learn so much more! This is ATEA’s ultimate goal – to leave a legacy of always learning. Our team is extremely active in the UX and Technology community, teaching within design programs, guest lecturing at various workshops and speaking at design and technology conferences to help educate and learn from our community.


We have fun and smile every single day

ATEA’s work culture is like that of a family. We work hard and play hard; we are always there for each other. We believe that keeping a steady focus on the customer and end-user helps us design solutions that jump beyond requirements and specifications; our work bond with your customers at a deeper, more emotional, level.  Knowing that our solutions are backed by strong research insights keeps us confident and smiling each and every day we work and collaborate with you.

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